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Static Adult Fitness Equipment

UPE5297 Balance Beam UPE5298 Chin Up Bar UPE-5305 Hip Rotation UPE5300 Log Jump UPE5301 Push Up Bar UPE5302 Double Sit Up Bench UPE5306 Horizontal Ladder UPE5307 Jump Touch UPE5308 Parallel Bar UPE5309 Single Push Up UPE5310 Sit Up Bench UPE5304 Single Chin Up Bar UPE-5299 Triple Hip Rotation UPE-5303 Double Inclined Sit Up Bench UPE-5305 Hip Rotation UPE-5312 Wooden Log Lift UPE-5313 Step Up Pole UPE-5314 Sit Up & Back Extension UPE-5315 Leg Raise UPE-5316 Climbing Net UPE-5317 Vertical Ladder UPE-5318 Jump and Agility Station