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3G Dynamic Fitness - Single Stations

UPE6254 Body Sit Up UPE6257 Hanging Twister UPE6261A Upright Power Paddle UPE6262 Power Push UPE6263 Pull Down Challenger UPE6264 Rower UPE6266 Swing Walker UPE6267 Waist Trainer UPE6268 Leg Cycler UPE-6246 Strider UPE-6247 Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation UPE-5256 Cross Trainer UPE-6248 Leg Lift UPE-6249 Leg Extension UPE-6250 Horse Rider UPE-6251 Upper Pulley UPE-6252 Wobble Board UPE-6259 Muscle Warm Up UPE-6261A Upright Power Paddle UPE-6261B Recumbent Power Paddle