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Spring Rockers


Specially designed spring rockers are made of high density polyethylene plastic that is colorful, durable, impact resistant and UV stabilised.

Unlike timber plywood, this high density polyethylene plastic will not rot and is both graffiti and mold resistant. They are safe and maintenance free.

These spring riders comply to ASTM F1487, EN1176 and  SS457 safety standard.


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UPS4001 Elephant Rider UPS4000 Butterfly Rider UPS4002 Turtle Rider UPS4003 Snail Rider UPS4004 Whale Rider UPS4005 Dumper Car Rider UPS4006 Mini Van Rider UPS4007 Race Car Rider UPS4008 Horse Rider UPS4009 Mouse Deer Rider UPS4010 Parrot Rider UPS4011 Seal Rider UPS4012 Motorcycle Rider UPS4014 2-Seater Aeroplane Rider UPS-4015 Safari Jeep UPS-4016 Fire Truck UPS-4018 Crazy Daisy UPS-4020 Surf Board Rider UPS-4028 Wind Surfing Spring